Discovering Dandelions…and other stuff

While Googling information about growing avocado trees I happened upon a webpage about dandelion tea. I was in a hurry and didn’t save the link, otherwise I would have posted it here, but there is still a wealth of information available and I am learning to love this hardy little plant. It has a variety of uses from salad to tincture, which I never knew. I always thought it was just a weed. Turns out the vitamins, minerals and tannins it contains make it a very healthy plant. Now that I have a little info to start with, I’m excited to start experimenting with it.
My husband and my son have been spreading weed killer on our brick patio but the rest of the yard is clean and the dandelions that pop up there are okay to eat. Still, I’m thinking I’d like to grow my own so that I can harvest them year-round. Doing a little research, I’ve found that there are different strains. They have the same uses and benefits, but variations in flavor that make some better for tea or salads. The best thing about them is that every part of the plant is useful and they dry easily if I don’t need to eat them right away. The roots are strong and they reproduce like nobody’s business. As long as I can keep them watered and happy we should never run out. Until I can get some seeds (the variety I want to grow is called Ameliore), I’m going to be harvesting directly from my yard. The little guys we have out there should be in excellent shape since we don’t use pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer. The real challenges will be harvesting ahead of the weekly mowing and beating the large family of bunnies that live in the area to the flowers. I only intend to take a few at first, though, to test things out and see which preparation method I like best. There will be plenty for the bunnies. :o)
It’s been more then two weeks since I went back on the meat-wagon and Larry has pretty much accepted it but still reminds me to be careful. I will. Now that I know what I was doing wrong, I see no reason why it won’t work out this time. Telling my mom about it was a touch more difficult, but she understands the effect iron has on the body and my spiritual reasons for doing this, so it’s good. It means I’ll be bringing Tofurky to any family get-togethers we might have and since I don’t expect anyone else to eat it, no one cares. Spiritually, I feel better than I have in a very long time. That was my primary reason for wanting to give up meat anyway. The iron tablets gave me the additional reason to get started. The physical response has been wonderful too. My digestion has improved so that I only rarely need Ranitidine and I don’t have that bloated, heavy feeling in my guts after I eat. Also, my cheekbones are starting to be visible again. Not a bad trade. The most satisfying part of this is being able to look at the animals that live in our area and feel peaceful. More connected to nature and Deity. It’s a beautiful thing.
School ended last Wednesday. It has been hectic around here with everyone adjusting to the change in schedule and I’ve barely been able to leave the house except to run errands. That time spent inside has been positive too, though. I’ve been doing a lot of reading when it’s quiet and that’s always a good thing. Zoe will start ESY in July, so the real challenge right now is finding ways to keep her and Trent occupied without making us all batshit. Autistic children need a routine and right now there isn’t much of one. Add to that the fact that Zoe has sprained her ankle and isn’t getting around as well as she usually does. The boredom is difficult for her to deal with. It’s difficult for all of us, but she is about ready to climb the walls.
I’ve been trying to write this post for the last two days. Maybe I should just give up until it’s more quiet. Whenever that will be…


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