The light at the end of the tunnel

It’s been a tough summer, both for me and the kids. We didn’t get out much and with Larry working, ESY and physical therapy for Zoe’s ankle, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity (or energy) to do very much. Add to that a leaky foundation, a broken pipe in the basement bathroom and my car being out of commission for the immediate future and it has been pretty stressful. I don’t know what’s been going on with the car. It was rolling along just fine then suddenly started making a loud booming hum that can be heard several blocks away. It may just be a muffler problem, which is no big deal. Plus, we still have the truck, so if we have to go back to being a single-vehicle family again we’ll be okay. Bonus: the truck is paid off. Woo Hoo!! Got the leaks fixed too. Momma is happy. Got an unusual bonus with that too: the hole that had to be made in the wall to reach the pipes gave us a glimpse of the original paint color of our basement. The house was built in the 70s so I figured there was some Harvest Gold or Avocado Green lurking somewhere under all the white paint that was used when the owners were prepping to sell it. Thus far, I haven’t happened upon either of those nostalgic shades, but now I know the wall downstairs was originally painted Canary Yellow. Behold!

I love it, Larry doesn’t. White walls never appealed to me. Too institutional. Hubbins sees them as a ‘clean, nice look’, though, so I’ve never repainted. It’s not one of those things that I see as a big deal and it makes him happy. I am loving that yellow, though. It reminds me of Smiley Guy. What’s on the walls outside of that hidden area is the same white as the rest of the house, but thicker. The water issues we’ve had down there (especially recently) have lead John and Larry to the conclusion that it isn’t actually paint, but Drylok. Given the texture and the purpose, that makes complete sense to me. We should probably paint every wall and floor with the stuff.

For the time being all seems to be well, though. I’m coming out of the ‘summer blues’ and looking forward to the prospect of getting some heavy cleaning and organizing done. The spring cleaning bug that hits most people doesn’t hit me until Autumn. My energy increases and I feel the best I do all year from about mid-September through the middle of November. Seeing the leaves on the Walnut trees in the back yard starting to change color is the first sign that my best, most productive time of year is almost here. Soon Momma Birch in the front yard will be at her most beautiful. The energy of the elements and Deity seems so much stronger to me during Autumn. Admittedly that is probably just my perception of things. They’re equally strong at all times but for some reason I’m more open to sensing the presence of Deity and elemental energy at this time of year. Whatever the reason, it makes me feel loved and electrically alive and I’m grateful beyond words for it. The world is never more beautiful than when the leaves change.

Besides the massive cleaning effort that will begin next week after the babies go back to school, I have some other projects to work on. I’m going to get my altar decorated for fall and finish giving my old train case a makeover. I bought the train case over a year ago and have never been able to use it because, well…it reeks. I’ve propped it open and aired it out, washed it with baking soda then wiped it out with a bleach solution, kept it closed with a bowl of baking soda and essential oil inside for two weeks and let it air out in the sun for two days. Still smells like old makeup and mildew. Apparently this is a common issue with vintage luggage, judging by all the sites I found online that address it. I’m not giving up, though. That thing is cute and besides, it has a lock on it, which is probably the only thing that’s going to keep my curious daughter out of my bag. She loves going through my shoulder bag, which I am not even remotely zen with. Not only do I carry pepper spray, my ATM card went missing a few weeks ago and I can’t say for sure, but the smart money says Lil Miss probably absconded with it. I’m always finding the contents scattered around and she has managed to find it in every place I’ve stashed it. Seriously, this kid has FBI-quality investigative skills. If it wasn’t kind of a pain in the ass, it’d be really impressive. The materials for relining the train case are inexpensive and (thankfully) easy to find. I’ve got my templates already cut out and once my fabric is prepped the process should go pretty quickly. I’ll post pix when it’s done.

Just planning my projects and starting to get busy is helping lift my mood tremendously. We made it through another summer!

My motivation to write, research and get moving is beginning to come back. Here endeth the stasis.
::::Happy Dance, Happy Dance – Getting Down::::


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