Guitar cleansing ritual

My husband inherited a guitar a few years ago after his mother died. His father never played it and never meant for my husband to have it, even refusing to let him touch it when he was young. Oddly, his father didn’t play it either. It sat in the attic of their home for about forty years, encased in a black box that nearly became almost a literal coffin for the instrument. It made the trip from his mother’s home to ours, then sat similarly untouched for another four years. A few weeks ago Larry finally decided to take it out of the case and work with it. He cleaned it, reset a piece that had broken off, tuned it and got it looking beautiful. Almost like new. Still, he didn’t play it. He wanted to, but said it just didn’t feel right to him. Even after all of the time and effort he put into restoring the guitar, it didn’t feel as though it was his.

I offered to do a cleansing on the guitar to remove his father’s association with it and any negativity that may still be attached, and Larry enthusiastically agreed. I was surprised because it was the first time he’d ever been interested in having me do a working for him in the entire fifteen years we’ve been married, but more than that I was delighted to be doing it. It’s been awhile since I did any ritual or cleansing work.

I cleaned out the case then smudged it and the guitar with white sage. When I was done the house smelled amazing and both the guitar and case actually felt different to me. Lighter, for lack of a better word. I prefer the Traditional approach, which isn’t dependent on making sure everything is exactly perfect. Focusing on intent as opposed to waiting for the ‘correct’ moon phase and other conditions for this type of working suits me better and allows me to put my entire attention on the work without worrying about all of the particulars. Even though it had been a few months since I did any ritual or spellwork, the cleansing turned out exactly as it was intended. Larry told me it felt better to him as soon as he picked it up and he’s been playing it – finally! He’s comfortable and he has brought some beautiful music out of it, which makes us both all kinds of happy.

I’ve been getting started learning to play my own guitar, and thus far am pretty awful at it. Maybe I’ll do a cleansing on mine too. A spell to help me figure out how to read music might be in order too. I’m not expecting to turn into Nancy Wilson overnight, but a little metaphysical direction couldn’t hurt. A little I’d like to suck less at this magick.

I’m optimistic. :o)


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