Spirits of Spring

This morning was the warmest we’ve had thus far. It rained last night and the world smells amazing. Buds are just starting to burst forth on the trees and the dandelions are waking up, some of the first signs that the planting season is coming. A beautiful start to a beautiful day.

When the weather allows I love to stand outside for a few minutes in the morning and just be in the moment. The little animals, the plants, the scents and sounds are a sweet reminder that Goddess and God are wherever I am and always a prayer or ‘thank you’ away. That’s what I do most often; thank them for being a constant presence in my life and for the little pieces of wonderful that make themselves known even on the worst days. A project finished. A houseplant tended. Fresh mint for tea. A glimpse of a furry or winged animal resting or nibbling in the back yard. Deity is alive, well and present in all of those small things that keep me centered and make me feel connected to the earth – and to them. The simple things not only matter, they are an ultimate good and constant source of joy.

Soon the heat of summer will be here, but for now there is only cool comfort and the beauty of a world awakening from sleep. I live for days like this.


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