Beltaine Blessings!

I got outside with my firstborn today and did a little yard work. Now I have a small patch set aside for my dandelions that will be free from the mower. I also tossed the basin I had sitting outside to give the squirrels and birds a drink. It had been out for a long time and was falling apart. At first I was a little concerned that they might stop coming since they’re used to drinking from the other basin but a Cardinal stopped by and then an hour or so later I saw a squirrel having a drink, so I’m guessing they don’t care what the water is in. They’re just happy to have clean water available. Now I’m waiting to see if our resident chipmunk and rabbits will be coming by for a drink. :o)
While removing weeds from the front yard I noticed that two of the plants Hubbins had asked me to take out were birch saplings. White birches, to be exact. In the Ogham, Birch is considered the Goddess Tree or The Lady Of the Woods, so of course I have no intention of yanking them up and tossing them out with the weeds. They’re going to be carefully relocated to the back yard, where they will hopefully thrive and be happy. Both are looking sturdy and in good health and already have leaves. I’m so looking forward to getting them moved and watching them grow.
John and I were outside for about an hour before I came in to tend my indoor plants and hang some mint to dry. The windows were open all day as well, allowing the cool spring air to circulate through the house. It feels absolutely awesome.
It occurred to me a little while ago that even with all of the exposure I’ve had to pollen and outdoor particulates today, I had nary a sniffle. My allergy meds have everything completely under control. Once again I spoke with my husband about doing some gardening, and to my surprise he is fine with it! He had objections before because he felt it would trigger my allergies and possibly make me sick. I don’t know if Beltaine gifts are an actual thing, but I just got the best one ever. I’m going to start small: tomato plants, strawberries, cucumbers and pumpkins. Two of each. If all goes well this season I will be going nuts out there next year. There will be veggies. Oh yes. Also fruits. And possibly herbs. It’s gonna be great!
Now I’m off to do some research on the best ways to keep the local wildlife out of my garden. The weed killer Larry and John sprayed in the front yard last summer seems to be completely gone. We had a lot of rain and snow last winter, which has apparently washed it away. The dandelions out there are flourishing. Fortunately, they didn’t spray any in the back except for on the patio, or I’d be reluctant to plant anything we intend to eat there. The plot I’ve chosen for the garden is clean and sunny, with no rocks or stones that I know of, and fairly level with a slight slope for drainage.
I literally can’t wait to get started!
Blessed Beltaine, everyone!

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