Skyler Irene Waite, where are you?

In April of 2013, Skyler Irene Waite was the victim of a vicious and illegal takedown in her home by Alaskan police officers while responding to a 911 call regarding a medical emergency. There was no one in need of medical assistance. The officers, however, subjected the home to a search in which a small amount of marijuana was found. They didn’t make an arrest due to the fact that possession of small amounts of weed is not illegal in the state of Alaska. Under federal law, Ms. Waite could have been charged/arrested but not by state police. One officer then proceeds to lecture Ms. Waite about her ‘drug use’, but having done nothing wrong and apparently in full awareness of her legal rights, she refuses to be intimidated.
One officer leaves shortly before the other starts his verbal harangue. Ms. Waite makes it clear that she has done nothing wrong, knows her rights, and is taking no shit. What she does not do, however, is become loud, aggressive or violent. When it becomes clear to the cop that he can neither shame nor intimidate Ms. Waite, he gives up and turns to leave. As he does so, Ms. Waite can clearly be seen reaching for the door with intent to close it. Thinking she is attacking, the officer violently pushes her back. She is shocked, but still makes no aggressive or sudden moves toward the officer, who knocks her down and cuffs her. By then the other cop has come back in and assists in the arrest.
It didn’t end there. The entire way to the cruiser Ms. Waite can be heard asking the officers why she is being arrested. After several attempts to get the police to answer her question (during which time it is obvious they know they have no justification for it and are struggling to think of one), she is finally told ‘Disorderly Conduct’. Video taken of the incident:

This was clearly an illegal search and arrest. I have been looking online for the last hour for updates but have found nothing about either Ms. Waite or any possible consequences for the officers. I just want to know: is Ms. Waite okay? Have the charges against her been dropped? Have the officers been reprimanded in any way?
I’d like to think justice was done here. Considering how many such incidents have been made public in the last few years, though, I can’t help being doubtful. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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